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How to use the online booking!

Click on any of the online booking buttons here on the website or The Salon Facebook & Instagram pages.

Step 1 of 4:

Scroll and select the services you require!

Step 2 of 4:

When you have selected all services required,

Hit the contine button at the bottom!

Home booking page for fresha

 Step 3 of 4:

Select the Date and time 

 services for booking on fresha

 Step 4 of 4:

Check and confirm. 

how to book time and date on booking page of fresha
 how to review and confirm on booking page of fresha

 Confirm the booking with your card

 ( no money is taken you agree to my cancellation policy, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.)

 how to secure the bookling on booking page of fresha
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